Pen, sword, you know the rest

Sweet jebus, why oh why was I not informed about JetPens before?  I mean, come on people, you all know I’m a pen nerd.  Get with the program.  I could have been getting my beloved .38mm Pilot Gel G2’s for $1.80, instead of paying almost four bucks at that stupid art supply store on the other side of town.  You disappoint me.

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Yes, this story is important, in a connect-the-dots sort of way.  But more importantly, I want you to look at the photo.  Then look at it again.  Keep looking at it.  Do you feel that?  That sick lump there in your gut?  Do you feel it?  You should.  Because if you don’t, you’re probably one of those 30% dead-enders.  And if you are, you really need to sit down and take a good long look at yourself.

This has to stop.  This has to fucking stop.

And I can’t say enough how much I viscerally loathe every single one of you remaining war cheerleaders.  Every fucking one of you.

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Now that’s journalism

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News gets my vote for best sports lede of the year:

The Buffalo Sabres declined to roll out a pianist in a sailor’s hat Tuesday afternoon when they announced a captain and a Neale.


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