Closet archaeology

old bag

My office closet is fairly deep, more like a small storage room than a typical “closet”, and the back of it acts as a repository1 for all sorts of random things.

Yesterday I had to mount an expedition to its farthest reaches, in search of something.  I now forget what, exactly2, because I never actually found it.  I got distracted when, at the back of the room, I dug up one of my old messenger bags.  One that I hadn’t seen or touched in almost four years.  I took it out and opened it up, and it still had a good amount junk in it.

I found it odd that it would still have so much flotsam in it, especially writing materials, as that’s the stuff of my work and I usually treat all my bits of paper quite well.  I vaguely remember having bought a new Powerbook around then, so probably in my excitement I stuck the new computer in a fresh new bag, grabbed what I thought I needed from the old one, and then tossed it into the closet.

Nothing I found in the bag was particularly important3, but it’s an interesting snapshot of the moment.  I probably spent a good hour just looking at the stuff and trying to mentally reconstruct what I was working on at the time.  It’s funny how you can find “treasure” like that from just a handful of years ago in your own life.  It was fun.

[ click on the photo for the marked-up version at Flickr, where there’s notes on some of the stuff that was in the bag ]

  1. Whereby “repository” I mean “dark space where things get flung and forgotten about.
  2. I think it was a FireWire cable, maybe. Oh, the cable mess in there. Don’t even get me started on the cables.
  3. Except for my Rotring 600 fountain pen. Man, I thought that thing was gone forever. Glad to have it back.
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