Elegant pause, or pretentious comma?

Jon Henley writes in The Guardian on the demise of the semicolon in France:

It is a debate you could only really have in a country that accords its intellectuals the kind of status other nations – to name no names – tend to reserve for footballers, footballers’ wives or (if they’re lucky) rock stars; a place where structuralists and relativists and postmodernists, rather than skulk shamefacedly in the shadows, get invited on to primetime TV; a culture in which even today it is considered entirely acceptable, indeed laudable, to state one’s profession as “thinker”.

That country is France, which is currently preoccupied with the fate of its ailing semicolon.

I’m addicted to semicolons.  For me, finding the proper place to use one in my writing is one of those little mini-moments of pure awesome.  It’s sort of the same feeling you used to get while playing Tetris, and you’d have, like, six rows of crap stacked up with a big hole down the middle.  But then that long straight piece would come falling down, and you’d tip it up on its end and drop it in the hole and four rows would blink out from the bottom and you’d be all like “aw-yeah!” and then you’d get all up in your kid sister’s face about your Nintendo skillz.  Right?

On reflection, perhaps I get a little too excited about punctuation.

(via Marginal Revolution)

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