PZ Myers discusses anonymity vs. pseudonymity.

I despise anonymous commenters. It’s pretty much a sure sign that anything the person is going to say is worthless noise if they aren’t willing to sign a name to it.

That said, though, I consider a consistent pseudonym to be a name. I’ve gotten to know lots of people on the web via their chosen pseudonym, and that pseudonym acquires its own authority on the merits of the writing behind it. You don’t need to reveal your full, legal name to be known on the web — it’s good enough to have a handle so we can recognize you.

I don’t allow anonymous commenters on my site, and whenever I see them in other conversations I generally skip right over them.  I don’t see anything wrong with pseudonyms, however; I’ve used them extensively myself, for lots of reasons.  As long as someone chooses an identity and comments with it consistently and honestly, that’s fine.  I honestly don’t understand why so many people take issue with it.

(via Greg Laden)

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