Lost another one

Carl Sagan.

Jim Henson.

Douglas Adams.

Arthur Schlesinger.

Kurt Vonnegut.

Today, George Carlin.  Sad.  Very sad.

It’s a strange time in a man’s life when his contemporary heroes and objects of inspiration and admiration begin to die out en masse.  Reflection is not my strong suit.

I have half a mind to call Bill Moyers and James Burke just to say, “Hey, are you guys feeling alright today? Take care of yourselves, please. I can’t afford to lose another one of you just yet.”

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  1. Holden said:

    En masse? These men have passed over the past ten years. I’m sorry you’re sad, but it is inevitable, you know? They weren’t children, which gave each of your heroes time to create wonderful ideas and things and art.

    Jun 27, 2008 at 10:56am

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