Mindless deference

Last week the mainstream political media got the vapors over Little Scottie McClellan’s assertions that they were complicit lapdogs in the run-up to the Iraq war.  Gasp!  It was rather fun to watch, really.

The Washington press corps is collectively as incapable of honest self-reflection as the so-called “media critics” among them (see: Kurtz comma Howard), and no one takes them on quite as well as Glennzilla.  Here’s Glenn on LA Times media critic Tim Rutten’s assertion that “contradicting the administration’s assessment of Saddam Hussein’s aims” in the prelude to the war was both impossible and mindlessly adversarial:

How did Woodward and Bernstein uncover what the Nixon criminals did since they kept it secret? It must have been impossible! How did Dana Priest uncover the CIA Black Sites in Eastern Europe without being able to go there and visit them? How did Jim Risen and Eric Lichtblau find out that the Bush administration was eavesdropping on Americans without the warrants required by law? It’s called “reporting”: the process of finding out, through investigation, that which the Government seeks to conceal. Why does that need to be explained to the “media critic” of The Los Angeles Times? If he doesn’t understand that, what does he understand?

Go read Glenn’s whole post.

(via Salon)

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