Memes and Language

In today’s information rich and technically savvy world, nothing is more intriguing or mystifying than the viral information that has propagated from one person to another in the form of a “meme”. An internet meme is a neologism, which is a newly created concept or expression that has been recently introduced and quickly spread from person to person. With the advent of the Internet, the introduction of themes and catchphrases are rapidly amplified through the technology we use every day. Email, instant messaging, and a plethora of personal blogging and social networking sites put everyone on a more intimately refined level of rapidly spreading our knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. The meme itself, once reaching a high level of popularity will most likely evolve into multiple versions of itself or spawn new memes. Much like a virus, a meme is an infectious idea that is directly dependent upon it’s replicating host.

So what is this all about? Memes explain a lot about who we are and what make us unique. They enlighten us to the direction the internet is moving and how we communicate with one another directly and indirectly. Memes, oftentimes, transcend the internet and enter our personal lives and add to the already existent memes we subconsciously spread every day in gestures, art, and even language. Our brains are quickly adapting and we will think we are consciously choosing these things, but it’s fundamentally our inherent programming to replicate that is making us do it.

– Josh Hopkins, guest blogger

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2 replies to “Memes and Language”

  1. CosaMostro said:

    You go, Josh! Way to slam Tony’s dick in a drawer!

    Sep 3, 2008 at 9:55pm
  2. Josh said:

    Re: CosaMostro – Exactly! Let’s not even talk about today’s Sarah Palin twitter meme.

    Sep 4, 2008 at 2:40pm

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