Is a Coke by any other name…

Among the great historical either/or questions in history—Catholic or Protestant? North or South? Cake or death?—ranks the topic of “Pop or Soda”.

Personally I grew up in a county right on the border between the two lexiconic alternatives, but always called it “pop”.  Then I went away to college, and it’s been “soda” ever since, though the city I live in now is a “pop” town.

If you’ve ever wondered how the Pop/Soda/Coke monikers are distributed through the United States, the Strange Maps blog has a comprehensive map (via the popvssoda website) showing just that.  The post also sites some interesting information from a research article by a philology professor and senior editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English1.

(via Strange Maps)

  1. Luanne von Schneidemesser, PhD. Journal of English Linguistics (Soda or Pop?, #24, 1996)
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2 replies to “Is a Coke by any other name…”

  1. Holden said:

    I grew up in Chicago, which is supposedly a “Pop” area, but I can’t recall saying pop…and now I live in San Francisco, which is a “Soda” spot, but now I most definitely say Coke. I think this means either (a) I am terminally unique or (b) that map is WRONG.

    Sep 21, 2008 at 12:41pm
  2. Nic Fit said:

    Lately I have been calling it “soda pop.” I think this means (a) I am terminally unique (b) I want to fit in with both the “soda” and “pop” crowds and/or (c) I am still obsessed with The Outsiders 26 years after Coppola and the Brat Pack stole my little heart.

    Oct 4, 2008 at 8:25pm

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