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Dear Lazyweb:

I need a little help with a few topics for some upcoming projects, and since I don’t have a research assistant, I thought maybe a few of you brilliant people in my audience would be able to point me in the right direction1.

1) I need detailed information from a working linguist or historian about Latino-Punic script, of the variety found in Carthaginian ruins in modern-day Tunisia (and/or Libya).

2) Also on the language front, I’m looking for someone who knows a considerable amount about Old French, specifically early development of the langue d’oc and any influences on it from North Africa and Moorish Spain2.

3) This one is for all of you: I’m looking for people who had grandfathers/fathers who fought in Tunisia or Bastogne during WWII who have photographs from that time, and are willing to let me borrow them to scan and return, and use the scanned material in a creative work.

Please send responses directly to research-at-delgrosso-dot-com. Thanks a heap.

  1. Whereby “point me in the right direction” I mean “do it for me”.
  2. Please note that for topics 1 and 2, I’m really looking for working experts on these subjects with actual knowledge of the linguistics – please don’t point me to Google links or books at Amazon, as that won’t help me at all. Thanks.
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