Gratuitous photos


I need more Tumblr homework. May I therefore humbly offer these suggestions for future photographic shenanigans:

  • GPOYBNM (Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Butt Nekkid Monday): because Monday needs all the help it can get. Also: I love the phrase ‘butt nekkid’.
  • GPOYPJTBH (Gratuitous Photo of Your Pet Jumping Through a Burning Hoop Tuesday): all pets love jumping through fiery hoops, I’ve seen it on TV. Especially rabbits. And eels.
  • GPOYTW (Gratuitous Photo of Your Toes Wednesday): does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • GPOTIOYSDT (Gratuitous Photo of The Inside Of Your Sock Drawer Thursday): socks! I know, right!
  • GPOYDUATPROYCF (Gratuitous Photo Of Yourself Dressed Up As The Power Ranger Of Your Choice): because I know you all do it, don’t try and deny it. Yeah, especially you.

I may have forgotten some.

I would also add the following two:

  • Gratuitous Photo of That Thing Wots In Your Fridge That You’re Unsure Is Last Week’s Curry or Perhaps Ancient Thai Takeaway Circa 2003 Monday (GPOTTWIYFTYUILWCOPATTCC2M). Because we all have creepy leftovers.
  • Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Looking All Posh and Posed For a “Spontaneous Picture” Even Though You Showered Just For This One Photo and Spent An Hour Setting Up the Shot Friday (GPOYLAPAPFASPETYSJFTOPAPAHSUTSF). Because well all look better in our internet meme photos than we do in real life. Or we at least try to.
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