It’s like you are watching a movie but instead of it being in color, it is in black and white.  The movie is in HD with amazing color and everyone else can see it, but you can only see it in grainy black and white.

Not to dogpile on Danielle’s spot-on description, but it’s like that on the good days.

The rest of the time, while everyone else is ooh-ing and aah-ing at the splendor of their HD world, you’re merely listening to the dialogue of the movie, which you can barely understand, because it sounds as though it was recorded on a wax cylinder in the 1880s.

And while you struggle to hear what you can, your ear pressed firmly against that tinny speaker, everyone else is shouting at you, “ISN’T THIS GREAT? WHY AREN’T YOU HAPPY? WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?”

That is what depression is like.

[ Aside: some people use humor and sarcasm effectively because it’s natural to them, and it makes them feel good. Some of us use it because on many days, it’s all we have to cling to. ]

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