Kick-ass chicks (re: The trailer for 9)

Kick-ass chicks (re: The trailer for 9)



She’s a Kick-Ass Chick!

I’m try to avoid beating the feminist drum, but there is a serious lack of strong female relationships in all media.  Why is this?

One big reason is that strong female/female relationships are often more complex, nuanced, and nonverbal than male/male and male/female ones. From a writer’s standpoint, they are fiendishly difficult to craft, because even for an experienced author earnestly trying to do literary justice to such relationships, they can too easily come off as either simplistic and naive, or overwrought and melodramatic. Either way, savvy readers will be disappointed.

Screenwriters and TV staff writers have an even more challenging task when trying to fit such a strong relationship into a 120 minute film or 40 minute primetime story arc; nonverbal cues are not easy to illustrate via dialogue, obviously, and the larger narrative does not often allow the setup necessary to do justice to a strong female/female dynamic.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying that it’s not easy. It takes a hell of a writer to make it happen.

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