Here are the top five finishers in the caption contest from the other day:

5. Dr. Escargot longed for the blissful summer swamp days spent with his beloved Shelley. Having forgiven that salt block, today he is at peace.  – berimbauone

4. As he grew older, Jar Jar would often stare into the mirror and sadly reflect on what a douche he was as a youngster. – spdracerx

3. Prof. Ramirez was always very particular about spelling & punctuation, though the family never did celebrate his achievements publicly. – portorock

2. Unbeknownst to his peers, Oscar Wilde secretly imagined his characters as anthropomorphized gastropods. – atsween

And the winner is:

1. After the war no one paid any attention to Winston’s shortcomings. He was a hero now. – dig-the-cat

Congrats, DG. Your Field Notes gift pack is in the mail.

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