Hi Haley,

It was good seeing you at the reunion last weekend, and I’m sorry I didn’t get more time to talk to you and catch up – I know you were really trying to get my attention at the bar, but I was talking to Melanie and Steph. You remember them, right? They were in the marching band with me? Oh, that’s right, you were a cheerleader, and they both had braces and glasses at the time, so you probably didn’t hang. So geeky, right? I know! Ha ha!

Anyway, Mike Batiste told me that after Brown, you got pregnant and never managed to get back to law school like your dad wanted. That’s a shame, but I’m sure you and your four (is it four now?) kids are doing swell. Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job, though. But that’s the nature of the restaurant business these days, and when you take on the responsibility of managing a whole Applebee’s, things like that are bound to happen. I’m sure he’ll bounce back in no time, and being able to live with your parents in the meantime is nice too.

I know you were surprised to see the shape I was in. A lot of people were! Ha ha! I know I was a bigger kid way back then, and I only made the hockey team because they needed benchwarmers, but highschool is crazy, right? Yeah, it’s nice to be so fit and athletic at this age. You probably know all about that, what with having to chase those kids around all day!

As for me? Well, nothing much to report since graduation. I’ve written for a few magazines and I put my first novel out last year. Oh, and I’m directing my first feature film next year, with the script I wrote, so that should be fun. Otherwise, I’m pretty much the same–what did you used to say?–”nerd” as I was back then. Some things never change, right? Ha ha!

Well, take care of yourself, and maybe I’ll see you around if I ever come back to town again.


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