It’s Followfriday, Charlie Brown

Sometimes #followfriday feels a lot like this exchange from Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown:

Violet: Charlie Brown, we’ve been feeling awfully guilty about not giving you a Valentine this year. Here, I erased my name from this one. I’d like you to have it.

Schroeder: Hold on there! What do you think you’re doing? Who do you think you are? Where were you yesterday when everyone else was giving out Valentines? Is kindness and thoughtfulness something you can make retroactive? Don’t you think he has any feelings? You and your friends are the most thoughtless bunch I’ve ever known. You don’t care anything about Charlie Brown. You just hate to feel guilty. And now you have the nerve to come around one day later and offer him a used Valentine just to ease your conscience. Well let me tell you something, Charlie Brown doesn’t need your…

Charlie Brown: Don’t listen to him! I’ll take it!

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