Only In My Dreeeaaaams



Fact Two.

Most of my dreams take place in vast and elaborate underground shopping malls.


MINE TOO. No lie. What the what?


Count me in. Hotels, restuarants, shopping malls, and Twitter people are in my dreams. Very draining.

Many of my dreams take place there as well. There is probably some cultural mechanism at work here.

And, I still have the dreams about testing in a class I never attended, mostly because that kind of happened to me in real life. It was a disturbingly easy filler class.

I have not had any dreams involving Twitter folk. Several of my dreams over the last year involve some of the cast of Lost which is still not as cool as that one time I dreamed I tandem-biked with Captain Picard.

Lovely. Now I have to spend the weekend stressing about how utterly boring my dreams are.

I forbid you people to have so much craziness in your dreams. Knock it off already.

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