ronbailey: Opening night, Star Wars, the Musical. ♫ “Weeeee’re crush-ing the re-bels toniiiiiiight..” ♪


Opening night, Star Wars, the Musical.

♫ “Weeeee’re crush-ing the re-bels toniiiiiiight..” ♪

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« atsween: Did you have this poster on your wall as a child? Did you get it for free at the theatre the night you went see the original Star Wars in 1977? No? Bah. Your argument. She be invalid. Yes, and yes. Some days I wallow about “getting old”, what with all you young hooligans clogging up my internets with your Pokemons and your Hanna Montanas. Then days like this come along, and I remember going to the theatre on a hot night in 1977 with just my dad, and seeing a movie that would become the lathe on which my creative life was shaped. Yes, it’s just a dumb movie from the 70s. But I was there, standing in line with all the other boys (and girls) from my generation, and it’s only in the past decade or so that I’ve come to see what a collective experience that was for so many young, malleable little people. It was, perhaps hyperbolically, our Woodstock. And none of the shitty prequels and CGI cartoons and spin-offs and knock-offs can ever take that summer night away from us. baileygenine: Two weeks and one day ago, in my living room far far away, I watched all of the Star Wars amazingness for the first time…AND THEY WERE AWESOME. DRAW YOUR FAVORITE STAR WARS CHARACTER DAY!!! you go first, because I am dizzy. This is my favorite Star Wars character. His name is Eugene, and he was Luke’s spacecow. There was a great scene where Eugene was captured by Tusken Raiders and turned into beef patties which were then sold to the cantina at Mos Eisley, because Luke was too busy bitching about not being able to go to Toshi Station and therefore didn’t notice Eugene’s absence. However the scene proved to be too strong for young audiences, and was therefore left on the cutting room floor right next to the good part with Biggs in it that no one ever got to see. »