Paging Emily Post


I spent the better part of the past two days at a Twitter conference. During those two days, I was struck by the dominance of glowing screens in the New World Stages theater. Of the approximately 350 people in the audience about five, give or take a couple, would be actually looking at the person on stage.

I’m hardly one to spew forth about manners in the digital era. I get itchy fingers if I am away from my iPhone or laptop for too long. But it struck me as a little rude for so many people to not even once give these speakers the gift of eye contact. Granted, they were usually transcribing the best quotes and posting them to Twitter, which is in its way a form of respect. Still, it was more than a little off-putting.

But maybe that’s just my pen-and-paper talking. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get over taking notes the old-school way. And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in this “community” who feels this way.

What a drag it is getting old.

Everything she said.

And no, Ms. Reimer, you’re not the only one taking notes on paper. I don’t think I could get through any kind of lecture or presentation without a pen in my hand.

(also, are you following Courtney on Twitter and/or Tumblr? You should be. The girl writes circles around the best of them.)

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