About ddc

Tony Delgrosso

“delgrosso dot com” is the personal website of Tony Delgrosso.

He is a freelance writer, and currently lives in western New York.

Since he is afflicted with Shiny Object Syndrome, there are a million and one things that he is interested in and obsessed with.  And an equal number of things that drive him batshit crazy.  So, the blog is mostly about whatever has caught his limited attention at the moment.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, you can follow him on Twitter, or see some of his delightfully amateurish photographs on Flickr.

If you want to get in touch with him personally, please go over to this page.

Despite an annoying habit of writing about himself in the third person, he is actually fairly well adjusted.


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Exceptions to this license are:

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  • Contents of blog post comments from others
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