Science hurts

After an unplanned scientific experiment I conducted this morning while cleaning out a pantry cupboard, I recorded the following observations:

-Cheeze-Its™ brand snack crackers decay in a non-exponential fashion, with a half-life of roughly 18 months from time of initial unsealing.

-When smashing one’s head forcefully into an open cabinet door to the extent that stars and birds become visible, said stars and birds revolve around the victim’s head in acounter-clockwise orbit, rather than a clockwise pattern as commonly depicted in both classic and contemporary cartoons1.

  1. see also: Tunes, Looney; anvils.
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I get mail

postcard from @mayafish

Looky here – an awesome postcard from the smart and funny @mayafish!

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It’s always nice to come home after a few days away and find your mailbox stuffed with goodies. Among the cool things waiting for me when I got home last night:

  • a postcard of Acadia National Park from Rachel,
  • a full-size frameable spread of tfQ Magazine’s first feature article, starring yours truly,
  • a box of dark chocolate cupcakes from [redacted].

My imaginary friends are sofa king awesome.

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What in the sam hell is this?

I did not sign up for this. In fact, I’m still recovering from that Tweeteorite I had to dodge last week.

Something tells me @textism is not thrilled right now.

Favrd : Pulitzer :: favstar/Tweetiorite : America’s Got Talent

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