Contact Tony


You can email me personally at, provided that you don’t delete the subject line that link uses (you can add to it, however).  I have industrial strength spam filters in place, so if you’re not someone I’ve written to or heard from before, there’s a good chance your mail won’t make it to me if you use a different subject (like “hi” or “hey”) or no subject line at all.

I try to get through mail as soon as I can and always read everything I get (it’s true – I do), but stuff that’s generated from the website tends to slide down into the middle of the pile somewhere, so please be patient.  A delay of 2-3 days in response from me is not unheard of.

If you write, please be kind and send plain text email, without attachments.  Also, if your signature is twice as large as the contents of your note, I suggest you look for a new job.  Too much time spent under fluorescent lights in a cloth cubicle isn’t good for you.

Also, if you’re a Skype user, you might be able to reach me via my contact name: tdelgrosso.


All commercial inquiries of any kind about my writing (scripts, prose, freelance) need to be sent to this address so that it can get to the right person, i.e. agent1/ manager / lawyer / psychiatrist / bookie / hired goon.

At this time I’m being somewhat selective about commissioned non-fiction and freelance work, but inquiries are still welcome;  I’m probably available for the right project.

Full terms of my freelance services – rates, retention rights, kill fees, etc. – can be obtained by writing to the address above.

  1. My agent and I parted ways recently, and I am now actively seeking representation.