Yesterday a friend asked why I haven’t left a comment on his blog in a while.  I apologized, and said I’ve been leaving fewer comments on most blogs I read lately.  One reason is that a lot of the content I’ve been reading has been so sharp and well written that I haven’t had anything worthwhile to add that would make it any more meaningful.  Another excuse is that I’m just really fucking busy.

But the larger reason is that every time I click to add a comment, I’m confronted with some variation of this dialog:

To leave a comment, please enter your OpenID, ClaimID, Blogger, WordPress, or Google user info. We also accept TypeKey, Yahoo ID, or just your email address and URL. You can try logging in with Disqus, but good luck with the spam you’re going to get. LiveJournal users can suck it. Your avatar/Gravatar/bassguitar image may or may not show, for no particular reason. You may also see an image of yourself that you’ve never even used on the web. Maybe that embarrassing headshot of you in your Cub Scout uniform from 1977. If you’ve never commented here before, it may be held for moderation and mockery by the site author.

The process of commenting is becoming more of a hassle than security at JFK.  So, I tend to just stay out of the conversation.  Most sites can’t tell the difference between the info that I enter anyway, so it usually defaults to a Blogger ID, which I didn’t even know I had, and can’t seem to get rid of.  Oy.  Once I get my “ID” problem sorted out, I’ll get back into the mix.

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