Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

I like to email iTunes gift certificates to my friends on their birthdays. I have a lot of friends with birthdays in May/June/July.

What is with this seemingly arbitrary “limit” on the number of gift certificates I can purchase? What’s the purpose? And don’t even give me any “blah blah fraud prevention” bullshit. I’m signing in with my Apple ID. From the same computer I used to make all of my other purchases. So if you can tell that this machine is “authorized” to play the music I’ve already purchased, then you should also know that I am not a scammer using a stolen credit card number on some machine in Uzbekistan. Correct?

Also, if you must impose some sort of limit, could you maybe make it a little more clear as to how many certificates and/or how many dollars I am limited to, and in what timeframe? See, that way I don’t attempt a purchase, only to be blocked at the last step of checkout, leaving me frustrated and angry and suddenly in need of a Plan B.

Hugs and kisses,


(p.s. fuck you right in the eye.)

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Apple of the (past future) Future

1987 video imagining Apple tech in 1997:

(via PaleoFuture)

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You know, an Apple one.

Excerpt from an actual email exchange I had today with my nephew, age 11:

Nephew:  Uncle Tony, I was wondering how much an apple laptop costs?
Me:  If you want an Apple laptop for school, you can get a MacBook for $999.
Nephew:  But how much would an apple laptop be not the macbooks just the regular one?

See, he doesn’t want a MacBook, he wants an Apple laptop.  Ah.  My mistake.

I feel confident that this kid has a job waiting for him at TechCrunch when he grows up.

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