Detail from the book that Alina handmade for me.

It is one of the most luscious physical objects I have ever laid my hands on.

I can’t wait to write in it, but I’m going to save it for something special. For now, I’m just going to touch it a lot.

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Buy my book, dammit

Last fall, as a side project, I wrote a little serial novel and published it for free on the web. It was never intended to be sold or published elsewhere; it was something I did just for fun. But it got a great response, and I decided to publish it in softcover format through Lulu, while still leaving the original PDF chapters up on the web for free download.

So now I have a very small quantity of signed copies of Mr. Abernathy, and if you’re interested, you can buy one from me directly for $20, which includes shipping via Priority Mail. I might even throw in a personal note or some other fun piece of ephemera.

If you don’t want a signed copy and just want the book straight from the publisher, you can click this and buy it directly for $21.951.

If you don’t want one at all, then that’s fine too. But you might as well just come over here and take food directly out of my mouth while you’re at it.

No, I kid. I don’t really care if you buy it or not.

But you don’t want me to resort to this lifestyle again, do you? No, I didn’t think so.

  1. So, obviously, it’s actually cheaper for you to get a signed copy rather than a plain one. Plus, you’re feeding my ego. Win-win, as they say. Though I wish they wouldn’t.
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