Being green, seeing red

One of the benefits I get from my enormous city tax bill is garbage removal and recycling. My city provides recycling bins and rolling plastic trash cans, which we green citizens dutifully place on the curb once per week.

One of my recycling bins1 is smashed and cracked to the point of uselessness. For the past several weeks, I’ve been putting it out on the curb, empty and upside down, in the hopes of indicating to the Guy Who Drives The Big Noisy Neon Green Truck Down My Street At 6:00am that I’d like them to recycle that bin. And each time, it just gets left there with the other bins.

Last week I tried throwing it into the trash can. The Guy Who Drives The *Other* Big Noisy Neon Green Truck Down My Street At 7:00am took it out of the trash can and left it on the curb with my other recycling bins.

Thwarted again.

So this week, I put a sign on the broken bin, saying “BROKEN – PLEASE REPLACE” in large, friendly letters. Again, the bin was left on the curb. But at least they took the sign off and recycled that.

Luckily my city has a dedicated phone line for Trash Issues, staffed by helpful and knowledgeable civil servants who are trained to answer all your disposal-related questions, such as “are pizza boxes recyclable?”, and “if I chop the body up, do I still need to put it in a plastic bag inside the can?”.

I called the number, and explained my bizarre situation. The nice lady on the other end put me on hold for a few moments, and then returned with her answer. “You have to put the broken bin inside of one of the other recycling bins if you want it recycled.”

On reflection, I guess that makes perfect sense.

  1. I have three of them. Paperless office? Pfeh.
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