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Are you religiously reading Low Resolution Theatre, the comic I’m doing in tandem with the lovely and talented Angela Black? Are you following it on Tumblr? Or subscribed to it via RSS? You should be.

Alternatively, do you have “read LRT every day” tattooed backwards on your forehead so you’re reminded of it every single morning when you look in the mirror? That’s an option as well, albeit a fairly drastic one.

Regardless, please read and support the comic. Early adopters will have bragging rights once it becomes world-famous. Also, you might get access to some cool swag before the general public.

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Everyone knows which one is me.


(via delawareareyou)

Everyone knows which one is me.

I don’t have my glasses on, so I can’t read the words, but I laughed at this cartoon anyway because it looks like me and Sam Waterston on a roadtrip together.

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(Via the rut.)

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For Zolora. As usally.

For Zolora. As usally.

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