Notes and errata

So, yeah.

Even though the front page doesn’t reflect it, things have been far from quiet here at Delgrosso Dot Com World Headquarters.  And though no one probably gives a crap anyway, I’ll throw you a few disjointed updates.  You’re welcome.

1) Blog content.  Yeah.  See, I’ve embarked upon something I call the Consolidation Project.  What that means is that I’m basically tired of blogging in no less than four places – personal stuff here at my site, political stuff pseudonymously over at The Big Orange and another progressive activism blog, and other stuff semi-anonymously at a couple of writing-related places and one film geekery site.  It just takes too much time and effort to “segment” for different audiences like that, so I’m going to begin putting all of my bloggy content here on the front page of ddc and then link outward when and where appropriate.

To be completely honest, that’s a risky proposition for many reasons, and is largely why I’ve avoided it for so long.  This site serves as a hub for me both personally and professionally; it’s read by friends, family, editors, colleagues, producers, and complete strangers.  Once you start really putting yourself out there and attaching your name to everything, you run the risk of surprising, shocking, or even alienating part of your readership with any given post.  The more diverse the content (and audience), the greater that risk becomes.  I guarantee I’m going to bristle several people with my perspectives and commentary on various non-writing-related topics, but I’m entitled to be who I am, and that’s how things are going to progress from here.  A writer spends his entire career honing a voice, and that voice is informed by the gestalt of that writer’s life; experiences, fears, desires, dreams, failures, opinions, and overall worldview.  I think it’s a disservice to myself and my readers—any of you—to hold any of that back the way I’ve been doing for the past few years here.  But first:

2) Blog structure.  Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not as much of a geek as I used to be, and therefore have neither the time nor the CSS mojo to keep things looking fresh and working correctly.  I’m not a designer, I’m not a programmer, and the things I’ve wanted to achieve with Movable Type just require too much “under the hood” effort for me.  So I’m experimenting with a WordPress installation on my server.  Once I can tweak a template to look decent enough (whereby “decent” I mean “clean and simple”), I’ll migrate over to that, and then the Consolidation Project will be in full swing.  I know you’re tempted to ask, “Hey, bigshot writer guy, why don’t you just pay someone to do the design work for you?”  The easiest answer to that question is that I am cheap.  Though I am also lazy, and therefore often tempted to hire someone to just Do It For Me to spare me the headaches.  However the nexus of my sloth and frugality is a terrifying place where the normal laws of space and time do not apply.

3) The WGA strike.  Frankly I still don’t want/need to talk about it.  I’ve got a couple of pieces about it in a half-written state, but they verge on the insufferably polemical, and honestly there’s nothing I really have to add to the conversation that hasn’t been said already at some other site with far more influence than mine (whereby “far more” I mean “any”).  The bottom line for me is that as a D-list spec monkey I’ve got plenty of other things to be working on, but I had to shelve a big project that I was rather excited about.  Also, mindshare is essential when you’re not a top writer in a producer’s rolodex, which means that after a few months of not networking or schlepping specs around or “hocking my wares” as it were, I’ll be left with a long row to hoe to rebuild momentum in that regard. [ heavy sigh ]

4) I do have several other non-freelance projects going on.  Short fiction, mostly; I’ve got a few concepts that have been rattling around in my head for a while that I’ve shoved into Moleskines and forgotten about.  I’ve had the time to revisit them lately and some of them are surprisingly workable.  Also, I suppose the “good news” is that the spec I was working on is one that thankfully lends itself to adaptation into prose (that’s rare in my experience), so I’ve been picking around the edges of it, trying to scope out a way to hammer it into a manuscript of novella-length.  Much procrastination on that front.  Again, the laziness.

Thanks for indulging me, kids.  More to follow.  But for now, back to the snark.

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