Seven things


So @fatherjack, a lovely fellow from the UK, has tagged me with this “7 Things” meme whosiwhatsit. Now, I am not familiar with the things you kids do on the interwebs these days, what with your YouTooth and Bluetubes and all. Also, I am generally a very private person, but since I have been recently accused of not participating in Revealing Surveys About Oneself, I feel it’s time to bow to the peer pressure and just get it over with. Besides, I am not at all interesting, and this is sure to bore you to tears of pure pity for my complete and utter averageness.


  1. I was once in charge of Knowledge Management at Global Crossing. Yes, that Global Crossing.
  2. Tony is actually my middle name (Anthony, to be precise). My full name is M. Anthony Delgrosso.
  3. As an undergrad in college, I had a 7-legged tarantula as a pet. His name was Boris.
  4. I refer to my office as “the treehouse”. I don’t remember why, exactly.
  5. I wrote a screenplay remarkably similar to The Da Vinci Code, more than a year before that fucking asshat hack Dan Brown wrote his shitty book, and I’m still bitter that he got all the credit for the concept while my script got shelved.
  6. I hate talking about music, because I can’t do it intelligently. I know what I like, and it’s all over the place, but discussing my tastes with people who really know music always intimidates me.
  7. Despite my blog/Twitter persona, I am often crippled by my introversion1; I love being around interesting people, but I can only do it for a short amount of time before I need to disengage and recharge my batteries, as it were.

So, there you have it. I feel so vulnerable… hold me…?

  1. Note here the difference between shyness and introversion. I am not the least bit shy. I do, however, despise smalltalk and gladhanding.
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