Weekend reading

Hey kids, today I posted chapter 2 of Mr. Abernathy. Go download it and put it in your weekend reading queue.

Speaking of reading, that’s something I haven’t done much of lately. Leisure reading, that is. I spend 16 hours a day, usually 7 days a week, reading and writing. But I haven’t cracked open a book just for fun since my week off back in September, and that’s just way too long.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here this weekend, so I’m going to find a silly “guilty pleasure” book and spend a few hours reading outdoors. I dunno, maybe something with zombies1. I think I owe it to my overworked self to let loose with an easy read.

So, other than my serial novel, what’s your most recent “guilty pleasure” read?

  1. “Braaaaaaaains…”
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