I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed today.  Here is my Tuesday status, by the numbers:

# of unread feed articles:  1392
# of unread emails in inbox:  214
# of read emails needing response:  112
# of unsorted items on MBP desktop:  97
# of unsorted items on MacPro dektop:  81
# of unread magazines in my house:  44
# of unreturned calls/voicemails:  29
# of new podcasts in queue:  27
# of unfiled index cards for current project:  24
# of looming deadlines:  3
# of days I have to get my shit together:  1

I know for some of you these numbers are on the low end.  But keep in mind that I’m never prone to panic, and I’m rarely disorganized.  And I’m almost always in complete control of my infosphere, no matter how entropic it may look to observers.  Yet for some reason today, I’m losing my head over all this undigested information.  Hmm.

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