Show me your tunes


Now I fully expect everyone else to do this as well.  REBLOG IT! REBLOG LIKE THE WIND.


Number of Songs: 13,038
Number of Albums: 1332
Most Recently Played Song: “The Teeth Collector”- Pretty Girls Make Graves
Most Played Song: “Shadowplay”- Joy Division
Most Recently Added Album: Further Complications – Jarvis Cocker

First Song Alphabetically: “A-Punk”- Vampire Weekend

Last Song Alphabetically: “Zwara”- Juno Reactor
Smallest Song Numerically: “.38.35”- Thievery Corporation
Biggest Song Numerically: “808080808”- 808 State

Shortest Song: “On/Off”- Daft Punk (0:19)
Longest Song: “Anistar”- Massive Attack (19:43)

First Album Alphabetically: Abductions and Reconstructions, Thievery Corporation
Last Album AlphabeticallyYours Truly, Angry Mob, Kaiser Chiefs
First Album Numerically2 Days or Die, Atlas Plug
Last Album Numerically: 604, Ladytron

First Five Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:
“Sidewinder”- The Crystal Method
“Sharp Darts”- The Streets
“Mary’s Moon”- The Fly-rite Boys
“I Got Six”- Schoolhouse Rock (SHUT IT.)
“The Wrong Child”- R.E.M.

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