Pimp my prose

The first chapter of my serial novel, Mr. Abernathy, is available for download today.

Now, I’d just like to say up front that I am terrible at self-promotion. It feels like sales to me, and I can’t stand salespeople.

Most of you likely already know about this book, but some of you may not. Either way, I’d really appreciate your help in promoting it if you enjoy the work, or know someone who would. I’m doing this project entirely on my own, strictly for fun as a one-off effort, with no paid or publisher-backed marketing or promotion of any kind. I’m depending exclusively on word-of-mouth buzz to spread it around, because it won’t be any fun for me to keep doing it if I don’t get a large enough reader base.

So I’m asking my current audience to pimp it out for me a bit. First of all, download and read the damn thing. If you like it, then mention it during your podcast, talk about it to your friends, throw a link my way from your blog or whatever site you have influence over. Tie a note on a helium balloon and launch it into the air. Write it in Sharpie on the forehead of a passed-out hobo. Whatever. I just need your help getting some critical mass around this project. You’re all amazingly talented people who I respect and admire (yes, even you), and with your help I think this could be a big success. I’ll even bake you cookies1.

Now get out there and pimp my prose, peeps. I thank you for it from the bottom of my poor, abused keyboard.

  1. No, I won’t bake you cookies. But I will buy you a drink next time I’m in your city. Pinkie-swear.
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