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My “comicskine”. Let me show you it.

Recently I’ve been hand-making these little grid-paper notebooks, using my old comic books (reinforced with thin cardstock) as covers, and giving a few away to friends and such. They’re 3.5×5.5in and have 48 pages each, and are obviously one-of-a-kind.

So if I were to, say, make a large quantity of them and then sell them in packs of three, would there be any interest? And if so, would $12.00 for a 3-pack seem reasonable?

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The Moleskine ritual

For all my quirky habits, I’m not much of a ritualistic person.  Some things I do repetitively or consistently out of mere habit, but rarely do things procedurally according to any kind of personal tradition.

Having said that, I do have a bit of a custom when it comes to “retiring” a filled notebook and beginning another.  I did this with one of my Moleskines the other day.  The first one in a while, actually; it’s pretty rare when I fill one from cover to cover.  I always have a bunch of them going at a time, some for specific projects and others lying around for general note-taking and core-dumping.  So more often than not, I’ll abandon them at some point, and they’ll just get stuck on a shelf or tossed in a drawer.

But when I hit the back page of a well-worn Moleskine, it’s fun for me to use that as a reason to grab a fresh one, get it ready, and start filling it with ink.

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