Show me your sticker!


Did you vote today? I did.

If you did too, then show me your sticker. To mark this historic day, I want to assemble a photo collage of all my friends, family, peeps, admirers, fans, stalkers, and other acquaintances with their “I voted today!” stickers.

So please, leave a comment on this post with a link that points to a photo of you with your sticker (faces not necessary if you’re camera shy). Wherever the photo lives is fine – Flickr, TwitPic, MobileMe gallery, Picassa, whatever. You can even email it to me if you want – send it to

Now, go click those levers, hang those chads, check those boxes, press that touchscreen button, or whatever it is you do in your crazy state to mark your votes. Then get that pic, and show it off.

What are you waiting for? Go!

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Fair and balanced

Offered without comment:

Fair and balanced


(via Teh Sadly)

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Picturing optimism

Scout Tufankjian has posted a stunning gallery of her photographs of the Obama campaign, from the beginning to the present.

Particularly inspiring is the gallery of Obama supporters – Scout would hand a small chalkboard to a supporter, ask them to write a few words describing their support, and then photograph the result.

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