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Merlin knocks it out of the park with this post on 43f:

Except inasmuch as it can help move aside barriers to finishing the projects that you claim matter to you, “productivity” is often a sprawling ghetto of well-marketed nonsense for people who really just need a ritalin and a hug. So, for myself, random tips and lists that aren’t anchored to solving a real-world problem for a smart but flawed adult with a mind are dead to me. Pour a forty on ‘em.

I must admit that I haven’t been reading 43f much1 over the past couple of months, precisely for the reasons that Merlin himself states in his post; namely the feeling that “productivity pr0n” had become a renegade force of nature, imploding into a time-sucking singularity of such gravitational power that it threatened to pull all real creative work into its accretion disk, where it would spin around for all eternity2.

That’s not to be construed as a knock on Merlin.  Quite the contrary – it’s astounding how he managed to outline his change of gears with such candor and clarity.  Merlin’s content has been the basis for much of my own efforts to understand, control, and master the information cloud that surrounds me, especially over the past six months.  It’s a constant struggle to keep my energy level where it needs to be in order to do the real creative work that sustains me.  While I rely on my online connections to fill my constant need for raw input and intellectual challenge, too often it’s the equivalent of junk food; spending 20 minutes sifting through a comment thread on a favorite blog just to find one worthwhile contribution often feels like eating a Big Mac and then wanting to sleep the rest of the day away.

It’s reopened my eyes to how much time I devote to things that don’t help me move forward, and seeking validation from people who don’t matter3.  And it’s also got me thinking about the direction of my own site, and who I’m trying to please with it.

  1. Whereby “much” I mean “at all”
  2. Please pardon the awkward black hole metaphor. Guess I still have LHC on the brain.
  3. I mean this largely in the sense of “people who don’t ultimately have an influence over my success or failure”.
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