Proposition Hate

I could go on, but it’s really just a big pile of lukewarm excuses. What we really owe you, the justifiably disappointed progressives and liberals and gay rights orgs of the world — but also you over in the salivating right-wing nutball Limbaugh/Glenn Beck homophobe core, all you gun-hoardin’ sodomy-fearin’ paranoids who adore California for our endless supply of Things You Do Not Understand and Therefore Must Fear and Despise Even as You Secretly Desire to Lick Them All For a Month — is a sincere apology. We let you down. All of you.

Fear not, however. We shall regroup. We shall try again. In fact, we already are. Know this for certain: We aren’t the kind of state to let a perfect opportunity to pinch the lazy ass of the human experiment slip by for long.

The always awesome Mark Morford, from Apologies from California in today’s SFGate.

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