My night is beginning to resemble a “choose your own adventure” book:

If you decide to force-quit the application BBEdit, turn to page 9.
If you decide to sit there and wait while the Spinning Beachball of Death
twirls around for all eternity, turn to page 10…

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Random Items On Top Of My Dresser This Morning:

  • tube of cortisone cream
  • laser pointer
  • roll of gaffer tape
  • crumpled dollar bill
  • 1 SR44 battery

I really want to know what kind of scary things Nighttime Me is up to.

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Deep thought

I should not be indoors writing a blog post on a Saturday.  Nor should you be indoors reading it.

Shall we mutually agree to take our hands off the keyboards and go outside to play?

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An ice-cream truck1 just went down my street.

That got me wondering why there isn’t the same sort of instant-gratification model for adult treats, like street food.  Yes, I know I can walk three blocks to get mashafasticulakos on a stick from the guy with the cart, but the same holds true for ice cream and kids around here.

Which is to say, if a van rolled slowly down my street with a bell ringing and a speaker blaring “Singapore noodles! Laughing Phoenix Red Curry! Gado gado!”, I would grab my wallet and run with all speed towards said van.

There’s a missed opportunity there, is all I’m saying.


  1. whereby “ice cream truck”, I mean “dirty pickup with industrial cooler strapped down in the bed”
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Deep thought

Some days, the Universe really likes you.  It gives you hugs and lets you take all the candy you want.  Fun!

Other days, it kicks you square in the junk.  Fun?  Not so much.

But occasionally, and for no reason, there are days when the Universe gives you candy, then kicks you square in the junk.  Those are the worst of all.

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