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Are you religiously reading Low Resolution Theatre, the comic I’m doing in tandem with the lovely and talented Angela Black? Are you following it on Tumblr? Or subscribed to it via RSS? You should be.

Alternatively, do you have “read LRT every day” tattooed backwards on your forehead so you’re reminded of it every single morning when you look in the mirror? That’s an option as well, albeit a fairly drastic one.

Regardless, please read and support the comic. Early adopters will have bragging rights once it becomes world-famous. Also, you might get access to some cool swag before the general public.

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Oh hai, ladybug on my tree. Please tell your neighbors to stop falling onto my laptop while I’m working, m’kay? You’re cute, but I’ll squish every one of you if you don’t stop interrupting me.

(via delgrosso)

(you can also d/l this as an iPhone wallpaper here. Because I’m nice like that.)

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Things Wot Are On My Shelves: Contact edition

(for Faruk)

James Gunn: The Listeners, Scribners, 1972, 1st edition, 1st printing

Gunn’s novel is a fictional account of first contact, co-dedicated to Carl Sagan and based on his early use of radio telescopes in the search for extraterrestrial life.

A direct antecedent to—and inspiration for—Sagan’s novel, Gunn’s The Listeners is still an amazing work of speculative fiction and is a must-read for anyone who enjoyed Contact and for sci-fi fans in general.

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You know what this script needs?

To be tossed into a fire.

But no. I will instead be spending the day (and likely the weekend, and a good part of next week) on the fifth set of notes on the fourth full rewrite of this fucking thing.

So, yay.

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MONDAY: Low Resolution Theatre

So yeah. Angela and I are working on this silly new project, and we hope all of our current Tumblrfans enjoy it and pimp the living daylights out of it once it launches on Monday.

Otherwise, egos will be destroyed and therapy bills will go through the roof. We creative people are fragile like that.

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