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postcard from @mayafish

Looky here – an awesome postcard from the smart and funny @mayafish!

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My mother fancies herself an internet humorist.

Also, passive aggressive much, mom..?

Also, I hope my dad doesn’t try to get in on the act with “Foddr”…

(edited to add: I am not even close to being on the “Favrd child” leaderboard)

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tony_d: The Encaffeinating

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I’m feeling the need for a new Twitter avatar.

I really like how some people have an iconic avatar; one that they’ve always (or almost always) had, and is instantly recognizable. People like @seoulbrother, @texburgher, @awryone, and @remiel are good examples of this. Some others – like @lonelysandwich, @sween, and @warrenellis – use actual likenesses of themselves and have kept them in use for pretty much their entire time on Twitter.

But here’s the thing. The picture above shows all of the avatars I’ve used on Twitter, in roughly the order I’ve used them. They’re all rather bland, and basically just different iterations of Hey-It’s-That-Bald-Guy-With-Glasses. Yet I’m afraid to switch over to something iconic – I tried that once, and people flipped out over it. So, I’ll likely settle for another vanilla headshot. Blah.

I don’t have a solution yet, but I think it’s time to retire the squirrel.

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I miss @mayjah.


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