We all have a typical Amazon wishlist; the place where we keep our little selections of books and DVDs and other niceties, for relatives and friends to get for us for Christmas and Hanukah and birthdays and such.

I also use my Amazon list for personal convenience, as a placeholder for all kinds of random things I want (or intend) to buy for myself.

I put up this page to be an expansion of that function – a placeholder list for stuff outside Amazon’s realm that I want, need, or otherwise covet. Most of it is legit. Some of it is mundane. A couple things are just silly. But collectively it’s a repository of links to cool stuff that I want.

So, buy me something:

Vegas 400 film
Unique 35mm film from Tokyo-Gratzy, the Japanese company that made the now-discontinued PARADE100 film.

Helvetica coffee mug
This thing is made of pure awesome. 

Zeiss 50mm F4 C T* lens
Very nice semi-wide lens for my Hasselblad. Not as pricey as the later CF model (which I don’t need, as I don’t use the flash sync), the C model can be found at KEH for around $350.

Zeiss 150mm F4 C T* lens
Another older lens for the Hassy; this one for close-ups and macro shots. This one can also be found at KEH, around $325-375 for good condition. 

Original Leica M4 rangefinder camera
All photographers have the dream of stumbling upon the mythical “yard-sale Leica” – finding a Leica camera in good condition on a table in someone’s yard, with the seller being generally unaware of its value.  I doubt I’ll ever be that lucky, and in the meantime I’m just trying to save some money for a decent one that I can get CLA’d and not break the bank in the process.  This is just a hobby for me, after all.

Tri-County print set
Set of three hand-screened prints by the awesome illustrator Kevin Cornell.  I’d love to have them matted and framed for one of my (currently empty) office walls.

Parker “51” fountain pen
Great classic fountain pen.  I’d love to have one.  If you ever see one out in the wild somewhere, pick it up for me, would you?

Levenger fountain pen refills
Standard 1.5″ black cartridges that fit my Rotring 600 fountain pen.

I can never have too many.  Large softcover squared and small hardcover lined/squared are my typical working notebooks.  The large Cahier squared books could be useful as well, but I haven’t used them before.

Field Notes
It should be obvious that I have a raging and incurable pen and paper fetish.  These notebooks would be perfect for keeping in my camera bag.  Sold in sets of 3.

TAG Heuer Calibre S wristwatch
Nice piece of guy-jewelry. Every man needs one good watch.

SXSW 2009
I’d love to get a Platinum Pass for the SXSW conference this March in Austin. Otherwise, I can’t afford to go.

Private tennis lessons @ Midtown
Last year I was playing at a 3.5 level, but honestly I’ve barely picked up a racquet since summer.  I’d like to get a few hours of 1-on-1 time with a pro at the club to brush up, and hopefully be competitive in league play this spring.

Secret Passageway
Go ahead, admit it.  You’ve always wanted to be able to pull a book on your shelf, and have a secret doorway open up to a hidden room.  Well, I have, anyway.  And I still do.

Double-tap conversion kit
For converting my current 1-tap kegerator into a 2-keg system. It’d allow me to have a 1/4-keg of the “distance” beer [coughcoughmillerlitecoughcough], along with a 1/6-keg of something special.

Audi R8
My TT convertible is nice and all, but c’mon…

J Crew cashmere peacoat
It’s cold here in the winter. (size 38R, please..)

Lensbaby Composer
New precise-focus artistic effect lens by Lensbaby. Yummy.

“Darksiders” hoodie
Hockey? Check. Stormtroopers? Check. (size S, please..)

Brodart polyester book covers
Archival fold-on sleeves to protect book dustjackets. I have a lot of books, and go through a lot of these. Cheaper when you buy quantities of 100. (size 10×23 is best)